Aloha Intranet

Welcome to Aloha Intranet (AI)!

We are thrilled to share the upcoming launch of the Aloha Intranet! This greatly anticipated resource will serve as a fantastic tool for AlohaHP team members to advance, grow, and learn from each other in their quest to become the best version of themselves.

As a diverse and inclusive staffing agency, AlohaHP is committed to inspiring our team members, unlocking their untapped talents by training and developing the WholePerson. While most staffing agencies see their personnel as inventory, AlohaHP is different. 

Just as we are of service to our clients, so too seek to be of service to our internal team. With the launch of our Aloha Intranet, we’re confident we’ve developed a top resource to provide excellence to both our clients as well as the team members who are the heart and soul of AlohaHP. 

Stay tuned for more on the official launch of the Aloha Intranet!